Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update to 'C64 for iPhone' Now Available in App Store | Touch Arcade

Update to 'C64 for iPhone' Now Available in App Store | Touch Arcade:
  • NEW – Lots of new games, including Last Ninja series, International Karate, Armalyte and Druid
  • IMPROVED – Upgraded to OpenFeint 2.5
  • IMPROVED – Reimplementation of control layout system, to support the complex controls scenarios for games like The Last Ninja
  • IMPROVED – Display OF notifications at top rather than bottom
  • IMPROVED – Removed bottom bar in full-screen landscape to prevent obscuring screen in games like Wizball
  • NEW – Fixed-mode joystick in landscape mode, automatically selected for specific games
  • NEW – Option to force fixed-mode joystick in landscape mode for all games
  • FIX – Borders correctly drawn in landscape (Wizball)
  • FIX – Corrected dead zone area at side of screen in landscape, rendering controls unresponsive
  • NEW – Added grouping to In App Store to separate downloaded / purchases
  • IMPROVED – Hi-res icons added for retina and iPad displays
  • NEW – Option to adjust dead zone / sensitivity of joystick
  • IMPROVED – Shop now separates downloaded games